The Crawling to FIRE Affiliate Policy

I started this blog to help people learn. I do this by sharing my successes and failure. This will always be the sites primary purpose. But I'm also happy to have the site pay for itself and make some profit.

I do promise to never compromise my integrity in any advertising done on this site. What that means for you is that I will only advertise products and services that I use and love.

How does a web site like this earn money?

There may be links throughout my site that are affiliate links. What that means is that if you click the link to buy a product or service that I will receive a commission. This does not increase the cost of the service to you but it does help support this site. I only affiliate with products I use and love. (Affiliate marketing is when one company pays another for referrals to their product). So from one hustler to another, thank you if you choose to use one of the links below!

Current Affiliate Programs

Linode - The current host of the site you are reading right now. I have used Linode for side projects for going on ten years now. They have proven to be simple to use, reliable, and cost-effective. If you use my link to sign up you can get $100 of credit. That would be like 20 months of hosting ($5/mo) for this site for free.

Capital One VentureOne - I have a Capital One VentureOne credit card as my primary credit card. This one requires excellent credit but the limit can go pretty high. If you get approved with this link I'll receive some bonus points.