Crawling to FIRE is a Personal Finance and Financial Independence lifestyle blog. We are documenting our journey from relying on a paycheck every week to FI. My wife and I are only at the beginning of this journey and currently have a negative net worth. This site will document our mistakes, our success, and our progress.

Crawling to FIREs author is a early 30s software engineer working in upstate New York. I married my wife in 2018 and we had our son in July, 2020. As I sit here dictating this post at 1am my seven week old is sleeping on my chest. He is my proudest achievement. I took the long way to my college degrees. I didn't graduate until 2018 (when I was 27) via a dual degree program. I earned a BS in Computer Science and a MS in Computer Information Systems. This took me two years of 20+ credit hour semesters while working fulltime. Not even that prepared me for the amount of sleep deprivation a newborn requires.

My degrees enabled my salary to increase by approximately 33% immediately upon graduation. I graduated with $40,000 in student loan debit, $15,000 of which was from the last semester of grad school. I also had $30,000 in credit card debt, OUCH. As of writing this in 2020 the remaining balance of my student loans is $31,660 and my credit cards are ZERO. These loans are being paid off within the next three years. I will update these numbers and more here.

I'll wrap this up by acknowledging how blessed we are. We have a thriving baby and we do not worry about where our next meal or rent payment is coming from. I hope that with a little attention and planning you can achieve this as well.